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Welcome to L & I Electrical



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L & I Electrical Pty Ltd switchboard manufacturers was established in 1974 for the purpose of designing and manufacturing high quality electrical switchboards and control panels.


Since our establishment, we have supplied electrical equipment to a wide variety of industries including water/sewerage treatment, mining, petrochemical industry, paper manufacturing, food processing, automotive industry, furnace industry, generator industry, data storage facilities, power stations and for numerous commercial/industrial projects.


We have the capacity and expertise to manufacture custom switchgear and control assemblies for voltages up to 1000 V AC including heavy power switchboards and motor control centres (Type tested to 50kA for 1 second), PLC panels, control desks, mimic control panels, distribution boards and a wide range of specialised electrical control equipment. We also have the ability to utilize 3rd party modular assemblies, both fixed and demountable, up to 5000 Amp (Type tested to 80kA for 1 second).


Quality control procedures are strictly adhered to and inspection and test plans are prepared and implemented by our personnel for major projects or where specified.


As strict test procedures are adhered to during, and on completion of manufacture, we can assure that our products will meet the requirements of our client’s specifications prior to delivery.


We are one of the longest continuously trading switchboard companies in Australia. Hence our clients are afforded a wealth of knowledge and experience in the execution of their projects.


L & I Electrical Pty Ltd has considerable experience in the packing and despatching of our products Australia wide and for the overseas market, so our customers can feel confident that their goods will arrive on site safely.


Here at L & I Electrical Pty Ltd, we pride ourselves, not only on the high quality of our products, but also on the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.